Top 10 cool places to go after you retire

Retirement provides a beautiful relief from the tensions of work and family responsibilities and gives the opportunity to connect to the spiritual self. It is also a great time to dedicate to one’s passion and dreams which took a back seat during the working years. At this phase of life, one is free to roam about and even relocate to an exotic dream destination. However, it is important to check some important factors such as expenditure, medical facilities, type of people, and environmental conditions before planning to go to a place. Here is a list of some amazing places to go after you retire which satisfies all these conditions and are breathtakingly exotic as well!


It is truly a nature lover’s paradise with its lush green forests, clear blue water, sumptuous seafood, tropical climate and laid back beaches. The Philippines is home to some exotic getaway spots such as Baguio,Cebu,Palawan, Vigan, Subic and Bohol. The cost of living is very low and the people here are simple, friendly and helpful. Medical facilities are also good and the place has a good life expectancy rate, making it a favorite destination for retirement.


The beautiful countryside is warm, friendly and economical. The cost of living is very cheap here. There are various activities that one can do here from fishing to hiking. Alabama offers enchanting scenic beauty and a clear green environment. The Alabama Mountains offer the most splendid scenic views and going on long drives on its highways is such a fantastic experience.


It has got mesmerizing lakes, awesome weather and many golf courses and tennis courts which will keep you engaged and occupied in a fitness regimen. Bask on the sandy beaches with your partner here. It is filled with many green parks where you can daily take a stroll and make new friends of your age. The climate is lovely thus making it an ideal place to retire. It has a clean environment and excellent health care facilities for senior citizens.


Hawaii is a beautiful island state comprising of heavenly small islands of Niihau, Kauai, Oahu, Maui, Molokai, Lanai, Kahoolawe, and Hawaii. The capital of Honolulu is mesmerizing and ideal for a visit or stay after retirement. The cost of living is very cheap and people are extremely friendly, jovial and trustworthy. There is a lot of respect for the elderly and senior people there. It is like a paradise on earth and what better way to spend your life- vacation with your partner on the beaches of Hawaii!


If you are a lover of art, culture and everything classy, then head over to this gorgeous city in Spain. It houses beautiful heritage monuments, churches and museums in its streets and plazas. It is filled with restaurants and cafes serving mouth watering delicacies and cuisine.


This is a beautiful land filled with mysterious mountains, sandy sun washed beaches, tropical scenic landscapes and greenery. This land has a mystique cultural heritage and enigmatic spiritual energies. It offers a unique blend of both aesthetic and new world charm. It lives up to its name, Island of Gods and enchants anybody who visits this land. The water, air and land are so pure and pollution free that you will never feel like going out of that place. The cost of living is reasonable and budget friendly and the real estate costs are also quite cheap as compared to other destinations. The island offers a myriad of cultural festivities throughout the year. The coast is a heavenly place to live, relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Costa Rica:

Costa Rica is a great place to visit or even migrate permanently after retirement. The government there has made special retirement plans and medical facilities for the aged. It is a retirement Haven owing to its natural beauty, laid back lifestyle, low cost of living, cheap infrastructure and friendly senior population. There is always something to do here like, snorkeling, fishing, horseback riding, yoga, kayaking and boogie boarding. With all this, there is no reason why you should not travel here.


Here you can avail top class medical facilities and this place has a good population of elderly people here. English language is also widely spoken and understood by the majority of people in the area. Its culture represents a beautiful marriage of European and American influences. It is ideal to start a fresh life with loved ones. Adventure lovers will also have a lot of sporty activities to do here like hiking, trekking, biking, etc.


Ecuador is an amazing place in South America to travel to after retirement with its beautiful coastline, dense greenery, various national parks, rich flora and fauna. It is a great place to go as it is less expensive and provides a treasure house of culture through its cathedrals and colonial architecture. The place offers so much to explore that you will never get bored here.


Travel to the end of the world which is also known as the last frontier of the world. Alaska is a dream travel destination for so many people and there is a saying that one should try and go at least once in their lifetime. It is a paradise for fishing lovers, as the world’s most exotic fishes are found in its clear rivers and lakes. The temperature is very cold and a welcome relief from the warm summer months in the rest of the world. You can reach there by cruise and have a view of its virgin and untouched landscape and water bodies. It has millions of lakes, beautiful volcanic mountains, ice covered peaks and a rich diversity of animal kingdom.

So now you have a great list to choose from for where to spend the next grand years of your life. Have an overwhelming second innings and enjoy the most of your happy years!

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