Places you should not miss in Europe

Wow! Summer again! What strikes you with the start of this season? Do not bore us by saying, hot and dry weather, cool eatables, clothes lotions and creams to protect your skin blah! Blah! Blah!

What does holidays mean to you?

The first best thing that should strike anyone who thinks of summer is VACATIONS, and holiday trips. It’s time to enjoy and have fun with family and friends, to kindle the adventurous part of you and keep exploring niches in the world and treat your aesthetic sense and relax by breaking form your regular 9-5 office works. Weren’t to saving all through the year to explore your dream destination at the end of it?

Europe, the wonder land: We admit there are numerous exotic tourist spots and locations all through the world. But amidst all of them, Europe has been considered the most beautiful continent and a paradise in disguise and is no doubt a dream destination for anybody. But the location also does not cheat its fans, for Europe is full of excellent scenarios where nature has vested her true beauty. History has no doubt a significant place is Europe and the ancient monuments and buildings are worth visiting at least once in a life time and don’t fain to impress tourists of the 21st century.

Splendours of Europe: Every single country in Europe add to the magnificence of the continent and is worth the reason to attract tourists all-round the year, these splendours are worth the money spent and are also quite affordable and would never ever fail to fascinate people. Let us discuss some of the best places of interest in Europe that is worth not a miss by any tourist there.


a. Exotic Beaches:

Beaches in Europe: The splendid and clear waters that touch the clear and sandy shores like a child, as graceful as possible and as feeble and silent not to disturb the people who stand aside the shore to witness this extravagant beauty.


Beaches are one good reason why Europe stands on the top priority of people planning for their vacation. Europe is full of good number of beaches and the variant climate and a global culture makes people of any decent feel at home. They don’t fail to kindle the adventurous spirit of tourists, as they are perfect spots was water sports and adventures activities. These beaches are surrounded by beach resorts that treat their guests with utmost hospitality and with delicious food and drinks.


b. Mountains:

Snow-capped plains and valleys: Europe is known for its ice caped mountains, the Alps Mountains are famous all over the world that starts from North America and spreads into southern Europe and to Asia in the Himalayas. Mountains in Georgia are equally famous and there are about 44 different mountains in Europe. Some of the important ones are Mountains of Albania, Mountains of Portugal, Mountains of Hungary, and Mountains of Cyprus etc. They are also centers for many adventurous activities such as mountain climbing, ice skating and Para gliding that would keep its tourists occupied all through their trip.

Places you should not miss in Europe

C. Museums:

Places of archaeological significance: Europe has traditional many antiques of its civilizations in its museum; Musee du Louvre is one of the top most museums of the world, which was once a royal palace. These museums are crafted with fine arts and are definitely master pieces to look and throng around, next only to the antiques stores there. Uffizi gallery in Italy which is carved with master pieces from Leonardo da Vinci, Museum Island is Germany, Vatican museums and Rijk museum etc. are famous spots here that stand unchanged across times to transmit the innate past to the future generations.


d. Monuments and structures:

Old ruins of the city: Europe is known for its monuments and edifices of world significance and no trip is complete without paying them a visit. The Stonehenge located in southern England is believed to have been built in 2000 B.C and has been used as astronomical instruments to measure the movements of the sun and the moon. The Parthenon in Greece built on acropolis, Athens is the chief temple of all gods, the colosseum, and one of the seven wonders and the Eiffel tower in Paris are all renowned places not to be missed in Europe.


e. Bridges:

Connecting stations are exotic too: European have been excellent architects all over their civilization, for the continent has some of the best ever built bridges that were basically built to cross across water bodies, valleys and cliffs in Europe. The continent keeps contributing to the strength and beauty of these bridges through their creative architecture and designs on them. The Szacchenyi Chain Bridge, Oresund Bridge, Charles Bridge, Tower Bridge etc, are worth not a miss for tourists in Europe as they communicate age old history and excellent architecture, and they are excellent spots for cute photography as well.


f. Spa towns:

Time to chill out and relax: Everyone seems to throng around a spa town or a massage parlour these days, thanks to the strenuous and long working hours that levies so much pressure on our back and neck more than the brains despite the chairs being as flexible and comfortable as possible. Spa towns also seem to have understood this, and now we could find these parlours in every street. But spa in Europe is pretty different, for they not just ensure absolute therapeutic relaxation but also vests healing properties in them.

During the middle ages, Romanian kings and princess used the mineral waters in some regions to help them recover from few ailments and the water was found to have medicinal values and healing properties. These regions were converted to massage spas in Europe and as relaxation resorts to soothe the body and mind. Some of the spa towns worth mentioning are the Bad Ischl, Aix-les-Bains, Franzensbad, Baden Bei Wien and Vichy etc.,


g. Railway Stations:

These are not just waiting stations: As a tourist in Europe, one cannot afford to miss train travels and exploring the unique architecture and design of train stations in Europe. They also offer excellent transport facilities connecting every part of Europe. Some of the unique stations are the Central station of Belgium, Germany, Finland, Netherlands and the Gare des Benedictions of France, Hauptbanhhof of Germany etc.,


h. Ghost towns:

Where stories go viral: Europe is famous for many modern ruins that are termed as Ghost towns. It is said that mining activities, catastrophic events and some natural calamities have been responsible for the creation of these ghost towns. They form an excellent and erotic spots for perfect photography and are usually accessed by many tourists, though they are difficult to navigate through.

The stories behind these towns are a point of interest for tourists and the best towns are the Wilmarsdonk in Belfium, Pyramiden in Norway, Imber in UK, Pomppeii etc.,


i. Food:

Europe best serves your tummies too: Europe has diverse cultures, languages and decent and naturally has multitude of cuisines and food which is famous all over the world. Italian foods are quite famous here and no tourist would afford to miss them. Teewurst, a German sausage, Pizza from Italy, Moussaka, Pastries, cakes and coffee are all famous here and any tourist would feel at home with these delicious delicacies available around the continent.

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