Places you should not miss in Europe

Wow! Summer again! What strikes you with the start of this season? Do not bore us by saying, hot and dry weather, cool eatables, clothes lotions and creams to protect your skin blah! Blah! Blah!

What does holidays mean to you?

The first best thing that should strike anyone who thinks of summer is VACATIONS, and holiday trips. It’s time to enjoy and have fun with family and friends, to kindle the adventurous part of you and keep exploring niches in the world and treat your aesthetic sense and relax by breaking form your regular 9-5 office works. Weren’t to saving all through the year to explore your dream destination at the end of it?

Europe, the wonder land: We admit there are numerous exotic tourist spots and locations all through the world. But amidst all of them, Europe has been considered the most beautiful continent and a paradise in disguise and is no doubt a dream destination for anybody. But the location also does not cheat its fans, for Europe is full of excellent scenarios where nature has vested her true beauty. History has no doubt a significant place is Europe and the ancient monuments and buildings are worth visiting at least once in a life time and don’t fain to impress tourists of the 21st century.

Splendours of Europe: Every single country in Europe add to the magnificence of the continent and is worth the reason to attract tourists all-round the year, these splendours are worth the money spent and are also quite affordable and would never ever fail to fascinate people. Let us discuss some of the best places of interest in Europe that is worth not a miss by any tourist there.


a. Exotic Beaches:

Beaches in Europe: The splendid and clear waters that touch the clear and sandy shores like a child, as graceful as possible and as feeble and silent not to disturb the people who stand aside the shore to witness this extravagant beauty.


Beaches are one good reason why Europe stands on the top priority of people planning for their vacation. Europe is full of good number of beaches and the variant climate and a global culture makes people of any decent feel at home. They don’t fail to kindle the adventurous spirit of tourists, as they are perfect spots was water sports and adventures activities. These beaches are surrounded by beach resorts that treat their guests with utmost hospitality and with delicious food and drinks.


b. Mountains:

Snow-capped plains and valleys: Europe is known for its ice caped mountains, the Alps Mountains are famous all over the world that starts from North America and spreads into southern Europe and to Asia in the Himalayas. Mountains in Georgia are equally famous and there are about 44 different mountains in Europe. Some of the important ones are Mountains of Albania, Mountains of Portugal, Mountains of Hungary, and Mountains of Cyprus etc. They are also centers for many adventurous activities such as mountain climbing, ice skating and Para gliding that would keep its tourists occupied all through their trip.

Places you should not miss in Europe

C. Museums:

Places of archaeological significance: Europe has traditional many antiques of its civilizations in its museum; Musee du Louvre is one of the top most museums of the world, which was once a royal palace. These museums are crafted with fine arts and are definitely master pieces to look and throng around, next only to the antiques stores there. Uffizi gallery in Italy which is carved with master pieces from Leonardo da Vinci, Museum Island is Germany, Vatican museums and Rijk museum etc. are famous spots here that stand unchanged across times to transmit the innate past to the future generations.


d. Monuments and structures:

Old ruins of the city: Europe is known for its monuments and edifices of world significance and no trip is complete without paying them a visit. The Stonehenge located in southern England is believed to have been built in 2000 B.C and has been used as astronomical instruments to measure the movements of the sun and the moon. The Parthenon in Greece built on acropolis, Athens is the chief temple of all gods, the colosseum, and one of the seven wonders and the Eiffel tower in Paris are all renowned places not to be missed in Europe.


e. Bridges:

Connecting stations are exotic too: European have been excellent architects all over their civilization, for the continent has some of the best ever built bridges that were basically built to cross across water bodies, valleys and cliffs in Europe. The continent keeps contributing to the strength and beauty of these bridges through their creative architecture and designs on them. The Szacchenyi Chain Bridge, Oresund Bridge, Charles Bridge, Tower Bridge etc, are worth not a miss for tourists in Europe as they communicate age old history and excellent architecture, and they are excellent spots for cute photography as well.


f. Spa towns:

Time to chill out and relax: Everyone seems to throng around a spa town or a massage parlour these days, thanks to the strenuous and long working hours that levies so much pressure on our back and neck more than the brains despite the chairs being as flexible and comfortable as possible. Spa towns also seem to have understood this, and now we could find these parlours in every street. But spa in Europe is pretty different, for they not just ensure absolute therapeutic relaxation but also vests healing properties in them.

During the middle ages, Romanian kings and princess used the mineral waters in some regions to help them recover from few ailments and the water was found to have medicinal values and healing properties. These regions were converted to massage spas in Europe and as relaxation resorts to soothe the body and mind. Some of the spa towns worth mentioning are the Bad Ischl, Aix-les-Bains, Franzensbad, Baden Bei Wien and Vichy etc.,


g. Railway Stations:

These are not just waiting stations: As a tourist in Europe, one cannot afford to miss train travels and exploring the unique architecture and design of train stations in Europe. They also offer excellent transport facilities connecting every part of Europe. Some of the unique stations are the Central station of Belgium, Germany, Finland, Netherlands and the Gare des Benedictions of France, Hauptbanhhof of Germany etc.,


h. Ghost towns:

Where stories go viral: Europe is famous for many modern ruins that are termed as Ghost towns. It is said that mining activities, catastrophic events and some natural calamities have been responsible for the creation of these ghost towns. They form an excellent and erotic spots for perfect photography and are usually accessed by many tourists, though they are difficult to navigate through.

The stories behind these towns are a point of interest for tourists and the best towns are the Wilmarsdonk in Belfium, Pyramiden in Norway, Imber in UK, Pomppeii etc.,


i. Food:

Europe best serves your tummies too: Europe has diverse cultures, languages and decent and naturally has multitude of cuisines and food which is famous all over the world. Italian foods are quite famous here and no tourist would afford to miss them. Teewurst, a German sausage, Pizza from Italy, Moussaka, Pastries, cakes and coffee are all famous here and any tourist would feel at home with these delicious delicacies available around the continent.

Tips for people of a different culture moving abroad

Moving abroad can be one of the most exciting and exhilarating things you do in your life. Taking the plunge and setting up a whole new life for yourself can be very personally rewarding. However, removing yourself from all you are used to can also be very challenging. Adapting to a different society, environment and a whole new way of living can feel impossible at times. It’s easy to get lost in a new and alien place. Suffering from culture shock is a common thing for people who find themselves immersed in a completely new culture and are attempting to integrate into a new society. Other people will not understand your culture and may question you out of curiousity, which can make some people feel uncomfortable. It is easy to become irritated and frustrated when things around you are so different that you find them hard to understand. It is natural to question other peoples way of living, especially when you are so adjusted to the way you have grown up in your own society. Although things may be difficult, it is important to adjust to these differences and find a place where you can be happy. Remember that your culture is within you and you bring it with you everywhere you go.

Here are a few tips to help you on your way.

Learn about the culture prior to the move

It is very important to make yourself aware of what kind of culture you are going to be involved in. To avoid disappointment or unfulfillment, be as aware as possible of the country you are moving to and what kind of culture you will be exposed to before departure. Educate yourself about the countries history and background. Learn about the religious and political beliefs and the social customs. Every country, culture and race are different. Make sure you are aware of the cultures expected and acceptable behaviours. Familiarize yourself with their ‘unspoken rules’, like how to show your thanks, what name to call someone by and where to cross the road. These simple things can be drastically different in other countries, and it can be very offensive to their culture if you do not obey the rules. Some countries are more strict than others, but make sure you are prepared. The internet provides endless information on these subjects, and forums are very helpful as you are free to ask questions and are sure to get some very helpful and educated answers. You can never know too much!


Be open minded

Being closed minded and negative towards a new culture will get you nowhere. If you want to be comfortable and happy, you are the one who has to make it that way. You can read up and prepare as much as possible, but when you arrive to your new destination it is important to fully experience the culture. Explore food markets and clothes stores, go to the local cinemas and shows, check out the bars and clubs, view the scenery, visit the historical and cultural locations, taste the cuisine. Find out what you like about your new home, and try your best to ignore any negatives you find. Another important point is to not be shy. Talk to everyone you meet. Ask them about their story and tell them your own. Friendly people will show you around your new city, give you advice on the best places to go for your interests and point you in the right direction. Be open to everything and everyone around you, take it all in and focus on the positives. This way you will find out more about your new culture, new friends and the new you!


Get active online

The internet is an amazingly resourceful place for meeting new people, finding new places to go and groups to get involved in. With a click of a finger you can create a group for people with interests similar to your own. You can organize a meeting place or an event which will bring people from your own culture together. This will bring you in contact with people who may have taken the same path as you, and will help you share your feelings and emotions with them. Connecting with people will make you feel like you are not alone, and will help with the feeling of being overwhelmed. It will also make it easier to make great friends and be a lot more active when you move to a new country. Do not underestimate the internet, it can change your experience abroad completely.

Don’t forget your roots

While adjusting to your new home in a different country, it is normal to feel homesick. But lucky for you, there are some simple remedies for this feeling. Remember that you are bringing your culture with you. Get creative! Why not decorate your room with pictures and other symbolic objects of your home country. It will give you a nice reminder of where you came from and will give you a secluded and private place to have to yourself. This can be your place of comfort that will always remind you of your own culture, your family, friends and your former life. When cooking for yourself or even a new group of friends, make a dish that comes from your home country. This will give you a familiar taste of home and help the new people around you understand your culture more. There is nothing like the comfort foods from home to make you feel humble and happy.


Stay in touch

With technology today, there is no reason to lose touch with the people from home.  Although it is always nice to receive a postcard from someone, it can be far more easy and personal to keep in touch online. Using social media, email and skype means you can speak and even see your family and friends on a daily basis for as long as you want, without any cost. Skype is a free and easy way to keep in close contact with home, and photos from home can be emailed within seconds. Knowing what is going on at home and seeing familiar faces and places will help you feel like you are still connected with your culture while experiencing a whole new world.

Lastly, remember you’re not alone! Millions of people move their entire lives to new countries and suffer from culture shock and miss their home. You are sure to meet some people along the way that are having the same experiences as you. Simply stay positive, absorb everything and enjoy. If you follow these guidelines, you will have no regrets.

Things don’t do when you are in Asia

Things don’t do when you are in Asia:

Exploring Asia:

Asia has been a wonderful place across ages for tourists to explore and have fun. Asia is a land of unity in diversity as different cultures live in perfect harmony sharing common geographical and terrestrial gifts of nature. Discovering and experimenting the subtleties of significant cultures in Asia is definitely a part of exploring the continent. But there are certain things not to be experimented or done in this traditional nation.


Let us understand what exactly these faux pas are:

Beware while talking to elders in Asia: Asia demands higher level of respect for elders of the continent and will not entertain addressing them by their first names. In China, India and Philippines, they are referred to as uncle, aunty, brother, sister, grandma and pa, even if the foreigner is not related to them by blood. Elders should be given preference to sit first, to be greeted first in a gathering and invited to eat before meals begin. When moving with elders, public displays of affection, boisterous behavior and coarse language should be strictly avoided. In some Asian countries, touching elders in their head, back and shoulders is strictly prohibited and considered rude. It is a habit to bow before elders in Hindu religion, whereas it is prohibited in Muslim community as they believe people should bow only before god.

 Avoid wearing slippers indoors:

In most of the Asian countries including Singapore and Malaysia, footwear should be removed before entering one’s house. Foreigners should remove their shoes and place them in the foyer as arranged at the house entrance. Temples and mosques also restrict people from wearing footwear inside their holy shrines. It is not mandatory to remove socks and they could be used to protect foot from humid weather and dust as well.

Avoid unwanted hugs and kisses in Asia:

Do not attempt any inappropriate physical contact with people you are meeting for the first time in Asia. In many Asian countries, hugs and kisses as forms of greeting people are never practiced or accepted. Asians are usually more comfortable with a hand shake or a bow. Also in Muslim communities, women are restricted from touching men and they would be forced in a difficult situation when offered for a hand shake.

Use chopsticks properly in Chin and Japan:

Fumbling with chopsticks may not be accepted by locals and they would appreciate and expect people to use them properly. Mishandling them is regarded inauspicious; in Japan two people should not hold the same piece of food with chopsticks as it resembles bones and ashes after cremation. Gesturing with chopsticks may also be not invited here and it is better to ask for forks and spoons to enjoy the meal better.

Be ready to pay the bill:

a great deal in most of the Asian hotels lies in deciding who pays the bills. In China taking up the responsibility of settling the bill is a sign of a good host and it’s also testifies one’s ability to spend money. You may also get the host treat you and pay for you, otherwise you would only return home empty handed. Do not try to attract the attention of a waiter by raising the voice; also do not try to snap fingers at the waiter.

Points to be remembered while being a guest in Asia:

There are some morality principles that are to be adhered strictly while being a guest in Asia. Some of the major ones are that, not to hit at a Asian girl without her consent, never to try establishing a relationship with a minor, insult divine idols and monuments, touch the heads of others, as the head is considered supreme and sacred by most  people. Raising one’s voice, loosing temper in public, getting involved in brawl and working illegally on a tourist visa are all considered worst crimes in Asia.

Morality principles to be followed in Asia:

Asia is not a place to be caught smoking dopamine, popping drugs and pills, if found, the person may be caught and punished with criminal imprisonment. The penalty in most of the Asian countries is severe, including death sentences on those who have sufficient quantity to warrant them as criminals.

Things don’t do when you are in Asia:


On the contrary to most foreign nations most items and shops in Asia do not have a price tag and the prices are almost negotiable with a good bargain.

Eating in the streets:

Foods sold on the streets, are better than renowned cuisines in terms of taste and palatability. But health constraints follow, one best way to dine in local shops is to watch the preferences of the locals, the shops they choose etc.

Watch pockets:

muggings happen everywhere, there is a need to keep personal belongings sage at all times, during hotel stays, travel etc.

Be prepared to be approached by people who do not know before:

Locals in Asia are often fantasized by foreigners they see in movies and are often nice to westerners. They do compliment them for their looks and prove their English speaking skills to you. Though it may seem a little strange in the beginning it is better to get accustomed to it’s at the earliest.

Do not try costly liquor at local shops:

Drinks in Asia are just the quarter of the price, they cost in US and Europe, because most of the typical brands are produced at local stores and are prepared using local ingredient. Do not get shocked if your favorite brand tastes little different in Asia and it is better to avoid them here.

Beware of costly travel agents and guides:

It is easy to explore the beauty of Asia by using a simple motored vehicle. Do not invest in costly tours and trips with paid guides. It is an utter waste of money, as you could easily spot things in Asia and take help from the locals, and the cost is also nominal. Budget travelling by taking advantage of the buses and trains is also a smart option to refrain from spending huge amounts in private transportation.


Top 10 cool places to go after you retire

Retirement provides a beautiful relief from the tensions of work and family responsibilities and gives the opportunity to connect to the spiritual self. It is also a great time to dedicate to one’s passion and dreams which took a back seat during the working years. At this phase of life, one is free to roam about and even relocate to an exotic dream destination. However, it is important to check some important factors such as expenditure, medical facilities, type of people, and environmental conditions before planning to go to a place. Here is a list of some amazing places to go after you retire which satisfies all these conditions and are breathtakingly exotic as well!


It is truly a nature lover’s paradise with its lush green forests, clear blue water, sumptuous seafood, tropical climate and laid back beaches. The Philippines is home to some exotic getaway spots such as Baguio,Cebu,Palawan, Vigan, Subic and Bohol. The cost of living is very low and the people here are simple, friendly and helpful. Medical facilities are also good and the place has a good life expectancy rate, making it a favorite destination for retirement.


The beautiful countryside is warm, friendly and economical. The cost of living is very cheap here. There are various activities that one can do here from fishing to hiking. Alabama offers enchanting scenic beauty and a clear green environment. The Alabama Mountains offer the most splendid scenic views and going on long drives on its highways is such a fantastic experience.


It has got mesmerizing lakes, awesome weather and many golf courses and tennis courts which will keep you engaged and occupied in a fitness regimen. Bask on the sandy beaches with your partner here. It is filled with many green parks where you can daily take a stroll and make new friends of your age. The climate is lovely thus making it an ideal place to retire. It has a clean environment and excellent health care facilities for senior citizens.


Hawaii is a beautiful island state comprising of heavenly small islands of Niihau, Kauai, Oahu, Maui, Molokai, Lanai, Kahoolawe, and Hawaii. The capital of Honolulu is mesmerizing and ideal for a visit or stay after retirement. The cost of living is very cheap and people are extremely friendly, jovial and trustworthy. There is a lot of respect for the elderly and senior people there. It is like a paradise on earth and what better way to spend your life- vacation with your partner on the beaches of Hawaii!


If you are a lover of art, culture and everything classy, then head over to this gorgeous city in Spain. It houses beautiful heritage monuments, churches and museums in its streets and plazas. It is filled with restaurants and cafes serving mouth watering delicacies and cuisine.


This is a beautiful land filled with mysterious mountains, sandy sun washed beaches, tropical scenic landscapes and greenery. This land has a mystique cultural heritage and enigmatic spiritual energies. It offers a unique blend of both aesthetic and new world charm. It lives up to its name, Island of Gods and enchants anybody who visits this land. The water, air and land are so pure and pollution free that you will never feel like going out of that place. The cost of living is reasonable and budget friendly and the real estate costs are also quite cheap as compared to other destinations. The island offers a myriad of cultural festivities throughout the year. The coast is a heavenly place to live, relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Costa Rica:

Costa Rica is a great place to visit or even migrate permanently after retirement. The government there has made special retirement plans and medical facilities for the aged. It is a retirement Haven owing to its natural beauty, laid back lifestyle, low cost of living, cheap infrastructure and friendly senior population. There is always something to do here like, snorkeling, fishing, horseback riding, yoga, kayaking and boogie boarding. With all this, there is no reason why you should not travel here.


Here you can avail top class medical facilities and this place has a good population of elderly people here. English language is also widely spoken and understood by the majority of people in the area. Its culture represents a beautiful marriage of European and American influences. It is ideal to start a fresh life with loved ones. Adventure lovers will also have a lot of sporty activities to do here like hiking, trekking, biking, etc.


Ecuador is an amazing place in South America to travel to after retirement with its beautiful coastline, dense greenery, various national parks, rich flora and fauna. It is a great place to go as it is less expensive and provides a treasure house of culture through its cathedrals and colonial architecture. The place offers so much to explore that you will never get bored here.


Travel to the end of the world which is also known as the last frontier of the world. Alaska is a dream travel destination for so many people and there is a saying that one should try and go at least once in their lifetime. It is a paradise for fishing lovers, as the world’s most exotic fishes are found in its clear rivers and lakes. The temperature is very cold and a welcome relief from the warm summer months in the rest of the world. You can reach there by cruise and have a view of its virgin and untouched landscape and water bodies. It has millions of lakes, beautiful volcanic mountains, ice covered peaks and a rich diversity of animal kingdom.

So now you have a great list to choose from for where to spend the next grand years of your life. Have an overwhelming second innings and enjoy the most of your happy years!

Things to consider when travelling with kids

So, you’ve decided to go away with your little ones – Brave! Traveling with kids is completely different to traveling on your own or with friends. Less freedom, more worries and a lot more entertaining to do on your part. But fear not, it is doable. With a few considerations, extra precautions and a barrel load of patience, traveling with your kids can be an amazing experience for all the family. Follow these steps and your time away from home can be relaxing, fun and can bring the whole family closer together.

1. Prepare your kids:

For young kids, traveling to a different country can be very scary. Different people, different language, different weather, different food… That’s a lot of different for a little guy! So, how to prepare them;


  • Research and plan together.  Kids will be a lot more excited and comfortable with traveling if they are aware of what is going to happen. Let them be a part of the planning of flights and accommodation. Discuss with them the flight times and how you will get to the airport. These little things will help them understand and be ready for the trip. Showing them pictures of the location, fun things to do and new places to explore will intrigue them. Imagine their excitement when they see that shimmering blue pool full of toys they saw on the internet is right there in front of their eyes! They will be completely comfortable and will forget that they are even away from home. This shock-free method is perfect!


  • Practicing for the holiday. Another great way to get kids used to the idea of ‘different’ is to practice with them. This can be fun for both you and them, and will teach them about the new country they will be visiting. A major problem parents can have on holidays is the food. Sure, most adults love to try new cuisine when abroad, but picky kids can make McDonalds the easiest place to eat by throwing one little tantrum in a nice authentic restaurant. Don’t let this happen! Prepare in advance. Before your departure, have a ‘holiday night’ at home. This involves a small bit of preparation and a lot of fun. Make the foreign cuisine at home with your kids; include authentic music and decorations like little flags in the meals. Your child will them be super excited to visit a real restaurant and will be eager to try the food. This means everyone is happy!


  • Show them safety. It is also very important to show your kids how to keep themselves safe on the trip. Before heading off to a sunny destination, buy some sun screen and show your kids how to properly apply it at home. This will get them used to buttering themselves up every day, and avoids drama and tantrums when you arrive to your location in the sun. Other ways to protect your kids while keeping them happy is buying them a cool new hat and a pair of shades. They will love wearing them, and their eyes and head will be protected from the sun.


  • Bring comforts from home. If your child sleeps with a teddy bear, only eats meals out of one bowl or sometimes will only go out in public in a Spiderman costume… BRING THEM ALL. There is nothing worse than a child crying over something that was left at home. Before departure, allow your child to bring one thing from home. Keep it strict so they do not want to bring their whole play room, but don’t stress over what they want to bring. It will be worth it when he or she is snuggled up in bed sleeping soundly so you can have some time to yourself.

Things to consider when travelling with kids

2. Prepare yourself:

Once your kids are prepared for their first holiday abroad, make sure you prepare yourself! A little planning and preparation goes a long way once you arrive at your destination. Here are a few things to consider that will make your trip painless for you and the kids.


  • If you are going to be renting a car on your trip, please choose carefully. Make sure the car has enough space, air conditioning and a radio. Long journeys will be never ending if you have three squashed screaming demons in the back seat.


  • Bring entertainment, or know how to provide it. A lot can be said for an audio book, a movie soundtrack or a CD of the families favorite tunes. Make sure you have access to these at all times, whether they are kept in the car or stored on an MP3 player. Other options are good old fashioned games like ‘eye spy’ or riddle solving. They supply endless entertainment for everyone and can make time in the car or airplane fly by!


  • If your trip is going to involve a large amount of time driving in a car, make sure you are smart about it! Traveling at night is perfect if your kids can sleep in the car, but understandably some people don’t like driving in the dark. If this is the case, try beginning your journey as early in the day as possible. Arriving to a destination early in the morning will give everyone more time to settle in. Stops in a park, by a river or in a cafe are essential for long distances. It breaks up the journey and gives everyone a chance to get some fresh air and stretch their legs.


  • Bring baby wipes. This is, without a doubt, one of the biggest life savers when travelling. Perfect for spills, nappy changes, washing hands, blowing your nose, removing dirt from something, wiping your face. Make sure you have at least one pack at all times!


3. Be extra safe:

When traveling with young kids, you can never be too safe. Here are some extra safety precautions to consider when traveling with kids.


  • Give them safety rules on arrival. Things like staying away from the pool unless an adult is around, never to go to the neighbor’s house without asking etc are important to establish at the beginning of the trip.
  • Always decide on somewhere to meet if someone gets lost. Big crowds and a new town can be quite daunting for a little one, and getting lost is too easy. Always give them a place to go if they are lost, and point out people like police to them, so they know who to talk to if you get separated from them.
  • For young kids, child leashes are a great option. You may feel like you are getting weird looks from people for having your kid on what looks like a dog lead, but this is a live saver. You can relax more knowing your kid can’t get too far away from you. Safety before fashion!

10 cool ways to save the world

Mother Nature is the all pervading force that nurtures and nourishes us without asking anything in return. We owe all that we are and have today to the generosities of our planet Earth. But our selfish acts and atrocities have had drastic consequences on the natural ecological balance of the world which is now being visible in the form of Global Warming, melting ice caps, increased pollution and the threat of the world coming to an end. A lot has already been damaged but we can still join hands and do little things which can revert back our self created dangerous destructions so that we all and our future generations can live in harmony. Here are some 10 cool and easy ways by which you can save the environment from any further loss:

1.    Make natural fertilizers by using organic waste at home:

Store up all the waste organic materials like vegetable and fruit peels, dried twigs and flowers and mix them with normal soil and keep it aside in the open for a few days. After some days, maybe around two weeks or so, you will find that the whole mixture has turned into a beautiful black compost which is a super healthy food for your plants. Now you can use this compost as a natural fertilizer over your plants and see them bloom and flower in no time.

2.    Biking and walking:

Walk or use a bike to travel to nearby places instead of using cars. It will save liters of fuel used in the cars and will provide immense health benefits too. Cycling is very beneficial for the proper working of the knees and is a great cardiovascular exercise. So, get fit and tone up your body in an Eco friendly manner.

3.     Grow your own food:

Green plants are not only soothing to the eye but the organic fruits and vegetables grown at home are very nutritious for the family too. Many vegetables and herbs can be grown very easily in pots at home and requires very little space to survive. What a joy it is to pluck your very own tomatoes and chilly every morning from your little garden making your favorite sauce. Green plants purify the air and absorbs the harmful gases. You can also plant trees in nearby public places and give your contribution towards the making of a beautiful and greener earth.

4.    Use solar powered equipment:

Solar powered gadgets and products are very environmental friendly and save the exhaustible resources of the planet which are conventionally used to generate power. Replace your old battery and cell phone chargers with solar battery chargers as they will be budget friendly and also help save the world. Nowadays portable solar laptop chargers are also available which very easily charges your laptops without shelling out high electricity bills.

5.    Party in an environmental friendly way:

What better way to show respect to Mother Nature than by enjoying in a way which is beneficial for everybody. So the next time you party, make use of all things bio degradable from party invites, decorations  to reusable dishes. Offer local and fresh organic food to your guests rather than expensive and canned food products.

6.    Use environmentally friendly shampoo:

Do you know that most of the shampoos available in the market today contain small fragments of materials which contaminate the water, landfills and also harm the skin and hair of the user. Well, why not make your own healthy and biodegradable shampoo at home and have beautiful shiny hair. To make this shampoo take equal quantities of herbs like soapberry, Acacia concinna and Indian gooseberry also commonly known as Reetha, Amla and sheekakai and soak it overnight in water. The next morning, grind this mixture into a fine paste and here you get an amazing shampoo. Wash hair with this paste and rinse off with water nicely till all the mixture gets out from the hair. Now, follow this up with a natural conditioner which is made of one lemon juice and 1 cup of water by using this solution as a final rinse on the hair.

7.     Have skylights in the roofs:

Skylights are a great way to bring in natural sunlight in the house during the daytime. They make the house so bright that there is no need to switch on any form of lighting in the day. Also, the natural ray of the sun kills the harmful bacteria, purifies the air in the house and causes less strain in the eyes while reading and writing.

8.    Recycle and reuse:

Let the creativity in you shine through and think of innovative ways of reusing the old worn out items in the house like cans, clothes, jars etc. You can even scrap out your computer parts which contain valuable metals like gold and platinum and sell them at various online shops. This will give help you earn some extra bucks sitting at home and also prevent the harmful substances found in these items from contaminating the landfills.

9.     Love animals:

Many Hollywood stars including Brad Pitt and Drew Barrymore have opted to go fully vegetarian because of their love for animals. Even you can do that, if not fully, then at least resolve to go vegan for certain days in a month. Apart from giving immense health benefits, it is ethical too and saves thousands of animals from getting slaughtered. Beef production causes severe erosion of the topsoil of the earth and consumes 100 times more water than required for cereal production. Also, raising poultry and animals for consumption requires feeding them tons of food grains when millions in our planet are sleeping hungry every day. So, going vegan is cool and even prevents species extinction, thereby maintaining the earth’s ecological balance.

10.    Send e cards instead of paper ones:

Tons of trees are cut every year to produce paper which is leading to severe losses and climatic hazards. Use telecom and technology to save further deforestation. E cards are an Eco friendly way of showing love to near and dear ones and they are free too.