Activities for Boring Meetings

Meetings are always mean to be boring for people who join those meetings without an intention to take part actively in it. Certain meetings are forced and few other are meant for time pass. People tend to have a hard time paying attention while a meeting happens. So this happens to be a common activity when one can look around the meeting room to find someone or the other doing the list of activities discussed below to while away the meetings. After going through this you will surely understand and cut down the meetings you host for hours to short minutes of meetings.


  • Pretending to transcribe the speech:

During this act one can be seen typing some long phrases or individual words that are noted

during a meeting considering it as a typing tutorial instead of a mass lecture.


  • Counting occurrences:

When one is identified doing a do mathematical observations in mind then it’s surely has to

be a occurrences count happening there as the person might pick one word at random and

try to count how many occurrences of it happens during a meeting speech. Some could even

keep track of two or three words at the same a time and they are considered masters. One

can event o try to find count on the words that start with “A”, “B” and so on.


  • Poetry annotation:

One can reframe the sentences they hear such that they form some rhyme thereby creating a meeting Haiku. Haiku means a Japanese poetry combining three lines with distinct grammar break called Kireji that is placed at the end of first 5 or second seven sound units.


  • Grammar parsing:

This is to find out every verb in every sentence among the ones spoken and once this is mastered they can go high in the next level of sentence structuring rules like adverbs and so on.


  • Jive:

There is a UNIX software structure rules that produce goofy conversion with a text as input likewise the mind can be used to produce such output to get out of the meeting sadness.


  • Psychedelicize:

This is a imagination where one can think that they aren’t talking about business process rather something funny like replacing pets with robots where consider the meeting attendees with behaviour of any pet or robot.


  • Bingo:

In a piece of paper with a 5X5 grid on it write some buzzwords or acronyms used in a meeting. Every attendee can go on this buzzword notifying and once 5 buzzwords are reached shout BINGO and there you win the game.


  • Interestingly learning:

Listening in a meeting yet one of a challenging job but doing this one can gains some new information interestingly during the lecture time form another person.


  • Portrait making:


Drawing a picture of the speaker whosoever is conducting the meeting creating a perception that you are listening and making note of some important points even though the posture might look as if you are listening and watching at them so there wouldn’t be any doubts.


  • Escape plan:

Whether you succeed or not try to escape from a boring meeting at the maximum possible extend if that goes in vain then you may try any of the above justifiable cynicism.

  • Pen Twiddling:

Usually many with twiddle the pen during the meeting and some might have mastered if they had attended many such meeting that were bored. Choose a nice pen in order to do twiddle learning and therefore become a spin master.


  • Mobile Games:


There are certain nice games available for free in mobiles and can try one such a game in a boring meeting. The games like angry birds, subway surf are all the good games that one should try in android mobiles and choose a game of your choice and enjoy gaming.


  • Ignorant argue:

Raise your self and pose a question before the moderator and try to argue and debate and this can even be expanded by way of making another person involve in the debate thereby pooling ignorance.


  • Robot pretending:

During a meeting consider yourself a robot and instruct the robot from mind to rotate 5 degree north and then move to that direction as per a robot does. In this way you can control your self a play a game of robotics.


  • Emergency situations:

Pretend as if you’re in an emergency situation by picking a cell phone out of the pockets and glance to give a startled look to leave the meeting by pretending to give a stare look towards the attendees and the moderator.


  • Make speakers head explode:

Try to make the head of the speaker to blow up with your fullest possible extent. This thinking might show them as if you are attentive and in worst situations they might think of exploding own heads.


  • Leave when bored:

It would be ones best decision to leave the meeting if its too boring as it would be the individual’s decision and wish to stay or leave the meeting, putting choice first when one is bored they can leave the meeting instead of wasting their own precious time.


  • Revenge:

Without making others attendees in the meeting go angry on you try to see how assertive you are thereby insulting the speaker to go over his tolerance levels but it will be understood by the other participants of the meeting.


  • Winning some money:

Acting as if you are taking noted try to solve some Pentostrough’s Theorem which could make you win some money as prize that would be involved in this contest.

By using the above said ways you can try to engage yourself without getting bored in a meeting that you are least interested in and thereby using the time as per your wish after all its your time and time is precious. Such ways though seem to be whiling away of time without gaining any knowledge seems to be the most used ways by common man to escape from time consuming meetings in which they are not interested.

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