10 cool ways to save the world

Mother Nature is the all pervading force that nurtures and nourishes us without asking anything in return. We owe all that we are and have today to the generosities of our planet Earth. But our selfish acts and atrocities have had drastic consequences on the natural ecological balance of the world which is now being visible in the form of Global Warming, melting ice caps, increased pollution and the threat of the world coming to an end. A lot has already been damaged but we can still join hands and do little things which can revert back our self created dangerous destructions so that we all and our future generations can live in harmony. Here are some 10 cool and easy ways by which you can save the environment from any further loss:

1.    Make natural fertilizers by using organic waste at home:

Store up all the waste organic materials like vegetable and fruit peels, dried twigs and flowers and mix them with normal soil and keep it aside in the open for a few days. After some days, maybe around two weeks or so, you will find that the whole mixture has turned into a beautiful black compost which is a super healthy food for your plants. Now you can use this compost as a natural fertilizer over your plants and see them bloom and flower in no time.

2.    Biking and walking:

Walk or use a bike to travel to nearby places instead of using cars. It will save liters of fuel used in the cars and will provide immense health benefits too. Cycling is very beneficial for the proper working of the knees and is a great cardiovascular exercise. So, get fit and tone up your body in an Eco friendly manner.

3.     Grow your own food:

Green plants are not only soothing to the eye but the organic fruits and vegetables grown at home are very nutritious for the family too. Many vegetables and herbs can be grown very easily in pots at home and requires very little space to survive. What a joy it is to pluck your very own tomatoes and chilly every morning from your little garden making your favorite sauce. Green plants purify the air and absorbs the harmful gases. You can also plant trees in nearby public places and give your contribution towards the making of a beautiful and greener earth.

4.    Use solar powered equipment:

Solar powered gadgets and products are very environmental friendly and save the exhaustible resources of the planet which are conventionally used to generate power. Replace your old battery and cell phone chargers with solar battery chargers as they will be budget friendly and also help save the world. Nowadays portable solar laptop chargers are also available which very easily charges your laptops without shelling out high electricity bills.

5.    Party in an environmental friendly way:

What better way to show respect to Mother Nature than by enjoying in a way which is beneficial for everybody. So the next time you party, make use of all things bio degradable from party invites, decorations  to reusable dishes. Offer local and fresh organic food to your guests rather than expensive and canned food products.

6.    Use environmentally friendly shampoo:

Do you know that most of the shampoos available in the market today contain small fragments of materials which contaminate the water, landfills and also harm the skin and hair of the user. Well, why not make your own healthy and biodegradable shampoo at home and have beautiful shiny hair. To make this shampoo take equal quantities of herbs like soapberry, Acacia concinna and Indian gooseberry also commonly known as Reetha, Amla and sheekakai and soak it overnight in water. The next morning, grind this mixture into a fine paste and here you get an amazing shampoo. Wash hair with this paste and rinse off with water nicely till all the mixture gets out from the hair. Now, follow this up with a natural conditioner which is made of one lemon juice and 1 cup of water by using this solution as a final rinse on the hair.

7.     Have skylights in the roofs:

Skylights are a great way to bring in natural sunlight in the house during the daytime. They make the house so bright that there is no need to switch on any form of lighting in the day. Also, the natural ray of the sun kills the harmful bacteria, purifies the air in the house and causes less strain in the eyes while reading and writing.

8.    Recycle and reuse:

Let the creativity in you shine through and think of innovative ways of reusing the old worn out items in the house like cans, clothes, jars etc. You can even scrap out your computer parts which contain valuable metals like gold and platinum and sell them at various online shops. This will give help you earn some extra bucks sitting at home and also prevent the harmful substances found in these items from contaminating the landfills.

9.     Love animals:

Many Hollywood stars including Brad Pitt and Drew Barrymore have opted to go fully vegetarian because of their love for animals. Even you can do that, if not fully, then at least resolve to go vegan for certain days in a month. Apart from giving immense health benefits, it is ethical too and saves thousands of animals from getting slaughtered. Beef production causes severe erosion of the topsoil of the earth and consumes 100 times more water than required for cereal production. Also, raising poultry and animals for consumption requires feeding them tons of food grains when millions in our planet are sleeping hungry every day. So, going vegan is cool and even prevents species extinction, thereby maintaining the earth’s ecological balance.

10.    Send e cards instead of paper ones:

Tons of trees are cut every year to produce paper which is leading to severe losses and climatic hazards. Use telecom and technology to save further deforestation. E cards are an Eco friendly way of showing love to near and dear ones and they are free too.

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